Trezor Launches Coinjoin Integration with Wasabi Wallet

“Trezor is the first hardware wallet with coinjoin, completing its suite of free privacy tools. Now you can use coinjoin securely to reclaim your privacy and protect your finances from unwanted observers.””Coinjoin is currently only available on the Trezor Model T hardware wallet. We are currently working on also implementing coinjoin on the Trezor Model One but we do not yet have a timeline for when it will be made available.”Coinjoin is a type of collaborative bitcoin transaction designed to break the probability analysis used by surveillance firms to track transactions. Multiple individuals send a bitcoin transaction together, without giving up custody, to make probability analysis significantly more difficult. Wasabi Wallet uses a centralized coordinator model where a blinded coordination servers builds the transactions for users. The main tradeoff of a centralized coordinator is that they can sybil attack rounds without paying the coinjoin fee and can censor transactions at will. JoinMarket is the only coinjoin model that does not rely on a centralized coordinator and rather uses a maker/taker model between two participants where the taker is the coordinator.

Prior to this release, the announcement of collaboration prompted fierce arguments and criticism for both companies. Wasabi Wallet has been receiving lots of scrutiny from various members of the community after ZKSnacks decision to collaborate with a chain surveillance partner in order to screen and exclude UTXO’s that they consider “illicit” from coinjoin rounds. ZKSnacks is the company that runs the default Wasabi coordinator and provides the majority of funding to Wasabi Wallet development.

No Bullshit Bitcoin was the first news desk to report the story about the partnership with a chain surveillance firm last March.

Wasabi and ZKSnacks co-founder Adam Fiscor acknowledged that Wasabi’s coinjoins are not censorship resistant.

Trezor reportedly took to Twitter to acknowledge the tradeoff but later deleted the following tweet:

Trezor Suite v23.4.2 released

Coinjoin released into public beta (available only for Trezor Model T).Trezor Model T firmware update with new UI (v2.6.0).Upload full screen custom backgrounds on Model T.Ethereum internal transactions.Bumping fees of Ethereum and ERC20 transactions.Smarter input fields have been implemented for coin/fiat values: Users can now input “.001” and the system will automatically format it to “0.001.”

Trezor Firmware v2.6.0

Add address confirmation screen to EIP712 signing flow.a standard for hashing and signing typed structured data.Support Ledger Live legacy derivation path “m/44’/coin_type’/0’/account”FIDO2 authentication on is now supported.Add the possibility of rebooting the device into bootloader mode directly without the need of unplugging (and rubbing) the device.


Redesigned UI.The update adds full-screen images to the home screen. Users can customize their home screen with whatever they want, adding another layer of customization and enhancing the user experience.Show source account path in BTC signing.Show names of the internal accounts in BTC signing.Will be visible in the next release of Suite.Lesser known Ethereum network and token definitions are now fetched from the connected host.

Model T Bootlader 2.1.0

Bootloader emulator.Redesigned user interface.

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