Floresta v0.3.0: Utreexo-Powered Electrum Server Implementation

To make running a Bitcoin node accessible to everyone, I created the “Floresta” project – a user-friendly and resource-efficient implementation of an Electrum Server that allows even novice users to run the software.This setup offers significant improvements over a setup with Bitcoin Core + Electrum Personal Server (EPS). It requires significantly less disk I/O and disk space than even a pruned node + EPS.This setup is intended for users who do not have the necessary resources for running a full node with EPS, and only need a compact node.If you are okay with the tradeoffs of assumeUTXO, you can have an assumeUtreexo full node running on your smartphone.This is a remarkable development because it was not possible before.This software is continuously being developed, and there is still a long way to go in terms of improving its code quality, testing procedures, and anti-DoS measures.

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