Block Hardware Wallet Will Be Manufactured by Flex in Austin Texas

Block (formerly Square) will be manufacturing their upcoming hardware wallet in Austin, Texas. This post highlights the process they took when making this decision.We’ve started to design and build the hardware at Flex’s site in Austin, and you can read more about where we are in the development process (and see photos of the early prototypes!) in our recent post about our iterative design and validation process. We’re also establishing our working relationship and processes with the talented team at Flextronics, so that together we can effectively handle all the challenges and risks that come with developing beautiful and robust hardware that delights our customers. Look out for continued updates about our product development, including details of our approach to manufacturing and security, in future posts here on If you have feedback on our development process or to let us know what you want to hear about next please reach out to us at or on Twitter.

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