Zaprite: Improved Privacy and Payment Experience

Database. “We have migrated away from Google Firebase and are now using our own internal PostgreSQL storage. This is a huge upgrade, not only in terms of user privacy, but it allows us to build a more robust data model for future accounting features.”Checkouts. “We have completely rebuilt how your customers pay you. While you still have the same familiar hosted Invoice page, all payments are now routed through a new Checkout experience.”Organizations/Teams. Zaprite accounts now come with default Organiztion. “You are the Owner/Admin of your Organization and we will be adding a new Teams feature soon which will allow you to invite other members with assigned roles.”Invoices. Redesigned the Invoice generation and preview experience to offer some additional improvements, such as Discounts + Tax amounts per line item and reordering of line items, and more.Invoice Payments. “You can choose individual payment methods per invoice, or use your Organization’s default Checkout. We’ve even added a checkbox to save your choices for specific Customers.”Invoice Spending. “Part of the Invoice upgrade is an improved sending flow. You can now send your Invoice to multiple recipients, attach a PDF to the email, and cc yourself. You also get handy sharing links which you can share outside of Zaprite.”PDFs. “We have updated our Transaction data model, allowing us to record more accurate and helpful information.”

Upcoming updates from Zaprite are expected to include: xPub integration, products and stores, events and tickets, donations support, and more.

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