Swan Acquires Specter, Maintainers of the Open Source Software and Hardware Wallets of the Same Name: Launches Specter Labs

We are extremely excited to announce our acquisition of Specter Solutions, a leader in self-custody solutions for Bitcoiners. Today, alongside the Specter Solutions team, we are launching Specter Labs, a division of Swan that expands our alignment with Bitcoin principles by focusing on open source and privacy-oriented tools that help Bitcoiners secure their holdings in the best way possible.The launch of Specter Labs will give Swan customers end-to-end services on their Bitcoin journey from complete beginner to self-sovereign Bitcoiner by providing deep integrations with Specter’s leading self-custody solution and other tools over time.It is important to us that the Specter project remains open source, so we are establishing clear guidelines and principles. Swan will provide engineering support and some product direction. Specter’s open source desktop project does not, and will not have any default network connections to Swan or customer identification (KYC) features. Specter does not and will not track users in any way unless they opt into features that are clearly labeled integrations.The Specter desktop client will continue to be usable with complete independence from Swan, or in conjunction with it, per the user’s preference. The Specter Desktop wallet shall remain an open source project under the existing MIT License.

archive: https://archive.ph/vKD8k

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