Specter v2.0.1: Taproot Support for Trezor & Bugfixes

Release notes

Bugfix: Keyerror in case of frozen utxos #2308 (k9ert)Bugfix: method getaddressinfo not implemented #2313 (k9ert)Bugfix: replace deprecated new-window with setWindowOpenHandler #2293 (Manolis Mandrapilias)Bugfix/UIUX: Fix Tor configuration issues and improve UX of built-in Tor #2304 (Manolis Mandrapilias)Chore: comments for macos build script #2228 (Manolis Mandrapilias)Chore: Random improvements #2292 (k9ert)Chore: Updating dependencies #2298 (k9ert)Docs: update faq #2287 (k9ert)Docs: Update Screenshots on Readme file #2286 (Moritz)Feature: Enable Taproot support for Trezor #2295 (Manolis Mandrapilias)Swan plugin: New design, improved UX and bug fixes #2309 (Manolis Mandrapilias)

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