Snort v0.1.9: Trending Posts, New DM Styles & More

What’s new

Discover tab, shows trending users/posts from DM styles.Mentioned Zapstr tracks are previewed on Snort with player.Custom emoji rendering in posts (NIP-xx).Lanaguage selector on new user flow.ZapPool: support nostr ecosystem by donating a percentage of your zaps.Alby NWC link added to NWC connect page.SemisolDev follow recommendations on Discover tab.Pubkey lists (NIP-51) render inline when mentioned in notes.Persian language.OpenGraph Image/Video media rendered inside link preview box.Option to zap everybody on mentioned pubkey list.L402 support for inline media (paywall content).


Error page shows actual error message now, also a button to reset app cache.Massively improved profile loading.Improved JS bundle size by ejecting CRA and using dynamic modules.Switched to `@void-cat/api` package for uploads.

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