Snort v0.1.7: Per Event Zap Targets, Polls, Link Previews


Per event zap targets by @v0lContent warning (NIP-36) support by @v0lPolls (NIP-69) by @v0lSnort subscriptions by @v0lNIP-94 File header support by @v0lLink previews by @ghobs91 & @v0lCmd+Enter to post note by @v0lnostr: links (NIP-27) by @v0lTending users on Search page by @ghobs91 & @v0l


Paste image upload by @vivganesNote creator note preview by @v0lLogin private key input masking by @vivganes


Fix note creator closing on thread when new replies load by @SamSamskiesFollow hashtag tab highlighting by @SamSamskiesLanguage dropdown defaults to Arabic by @vivganesBookmarks showing reactions by @vivganesSingle zapper on note only shows name by @vivganesBroken link previews show empty box by @vivganesRender jfif images by @v0l

New Contributors

@vivganes made their first contribution in #486

Full Changelog: v0.1.6…v0.1.7

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