Shiro, A Web Wallet Compatible with RGB, Is Now Available on Umbrel

“Diamond Hands has released an alpha version of Shiro Wallet, a web wallet compatible with the RGB protocol.””Shiro at the current form is still very rough and alpha and only available on testnet for now. Nonetheless, you can issue, send and receive fungible RGB tokens, allowing you to experiment with the protocol and gain first hand experience.””There are already a few other RGB-compatible wallets such as Iris Wallet for mobile, but Shiro is the first RGB wallet on Umbrel, a popular Bitcoin node management platform.””Shiro wallet is a web-server wallet, and can be integrated easily with other services by calling endpoints for the wallet.”

You can install Shiro Wallet on Umbrel by adding the following Umbrel’s community app stores page:

Announcement / Archive
GitHub Repo (backend)
GitHub Repo (frontend)

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