Samourai Dojo v1.20.0: Dojo Tracker Optimizations

“This version has the latest Bitcoin Core v25.0, and contains major tracker optimizations that will help everyone get their Dojo synced up faster.”

Notable changes

“Dojo tracker optimizations. Dojo tracker has optimized to run more efficiently during IBD and in full-mempool environment.”Bitcoin Core updated to v25.0.“This version of Dojo requires users to run Node.js v16 or higher. My-dojo (docker setup) users are unaffected by this change.’

Change log


MR 292 – major tracker optimizationsb4b891a3 – log error from parallel address derivation service624eddf8 – adjusted nginx gzip settingsebb112ea – refactored xlatXPUB function8a2f49d0 – added ability to display full tx HEX in DMT1a868a3e – updated to Bitcoin Core v25.01e269465 – updated Node.js containers to v18


272098d8 – properly log mysql lock errorsf79c2ada – fixed mysql queries in CLI scripts


76fd4bee, 26bfd550 – raised IBD limit7a8d7f53 – removed unnecessary promise880b0430 – updated tx cache descriptionb1f2db09 – updated Node.js dependencies79497903 – updated auth4766c362ed – fixed ESlint errors05ac896f – removed unnecessary bs58 dependency88315bb1, 48c9d289 – JSdoc updates

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