Buy & store Bitcoin (1on1 coaching)


Bitcoin allows people to be their own bank. This results in freedom from political and central bank policy but the flipside of this coin is responsibility. People buying and owning Bitcoin are responsible for their own security, privacy and overal Bitcoin management. This means possibly expensive mistakes. An estimated 4 million Bitcoin are lost due to mistakes already!

Note: Bitsaga does not sell Bitcoin directly. We teach people how to buy Bitcoin properly.

People do not need to know the inner cryptographic workings of Bitcoin in order to simply buy and use Bitcoin properly.


Bitsaga shields non-technical people from the jargon and carefully distills the right practices into clear and condensed coaching sessions.
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Bitsaga helps people with personal guidance, dependant on your specific financial situation, preferences and know-how. This coaching sessions is oriented for non-technical people who have taken in interest in Bitcoin the asset but are a bit overwhelmed by terminology like self-custody, private keys, on chain, mining, signatures, cryptography and many more.


Bitcoin is like the internet. Users do not need to fully understand it’s inner technological workings in order to use the technology. Millions of people know nothing about “DNS resolver cache”, yet actually use it every day when they visit a website.


Bitsaga coaches people to buy and use this new technology the proper way: simple and secure.


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