OstrichGram: A Chat Software for Nostr Network

OstrichGram lets you “create your own keys and identities, store your friends’ pubkeys, browse relays for chatrooms, participate in group chats, and send direct encrypted messages to your friends.”Currently, “it uses NIP-01 (the basic protocol) along with NIP-28 (group chats), NIP-04 (direct messages), and NIP-10 (replies).”

Release v0.2-beta:

This release fixes a few important issues from v0.1:

“Make sure reply widget is closed when changing screens.””Double check nostr subscription ID against websocket buffer (prevents mangled data when user is clicking too fast).””Enable configuration settings for turning off signature verification.”

“This release is intended to be downloaded right from the source code. No need for a separate zip file as the build folder is now included in the source. Just navigate to the build/windows or build/linux folder after downloading the code.”

GitHub Repo

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