MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin & Lightning for Corporations 2023 Sessions Available Online

Bitcoin and Lightning for Corporations event took place in Orlando, Florida on May 3-4, 2023.

Here are all Bitcoin and Lightning panel recordings from the event.

Bitcoin for Corporations

Bitcoin & Lightning Keynote Presentation (42min) by Block/Cash App’s Bitcoin Product Lead Michael Rihani.Wallstreet & Bitcoin Panel Session (57min) featuring Lyn Alden (Lyn Alden Investment Strategy), Andrew Moss (Bank of America), and Mark Palmer (Berenberg Capital Markets).Accounting & Tax Panel Session (59min) with Amy Park (Deloitte), Rob Massey (Deloitte), and Noah Herman (Fortris).Legal & Regulatory Panel Session (48min) with Dax Hansen (Perkins Coie), Neel Maitra (Wilson Sonsini), and Chalyse Robinson (WilmerHale).The Future of Bitcoin for Corporations: A Fireside Chat Session (63min) with Michael Saylor  and Natalie Brunell.

Lightning for Corporations

Introduction to Lightning (26min) by Alex Leishman (CEO, CTO & Founder of River).The Promise of Lightning (35min) by Elizabeth Stark (CEO & Founder of Lightning Labs).MicroStrategy Lightning (30min) with Michael Saylor and Cezary Raczko (MicroStrategy).Lightning Infrastructure Panel (57min) with Nick Slaney (C= Lead at TBD), Roy Sheinfeld (CEO, Breez), and Graham Krizek (CEO, Voltage). Moderated by Ryan Gentry (Lightning Labs).Lightning Solutions for Enterprises – Open Source Banking (11min) by Nicolas Burtey (CEO, Galoy).Lightning Solutions for Enterprises – Instant Programmable Payments (13min) by Andre Neves (CTO, Zebedee).Lightning Solutions for Enterprises – The Federated OS (13min) – Obi Nwosu (CEO, Fedi).Lightning Solutions for Enterprises – The Transactive Energy Solution (13min) by Austin Mitchell (CEO, Synota).Lightning Future Vision Panel (57min) with Lyn Alden (Lyn Alden Investment Strategy), Jeff Booth (Ego Death Capital), and Preston Pysh (Investor’s Podcast Network). Moderated by Yan Pritzker (Swan Bitcoin).A Bright Orange Future: A Keynote Presentation (36min) by Jack Mallers (CEO, Strike).


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