Liana v1.0 Released: UI and UX Overhaul

“We just shipped the first non-beta release of Liana. This also marks the beginning of our offering around the open source wallet. Learn more at”

What’s new

“For the 1.0 we’ve spent the whole release cycle working on improving the usage flows and the UI. There is still plenty of niceties we’d like to have (just have a look at our issue tracker) but we consider this release to be usable by your average bitcoiner. Try it now!“”We’ve also cleaned up the documentation about Liana. Our Liana web page should give a clearer conceptual description of the software and what it enables. On the other hand, the Github repository README is now focused on getting you set up.””Starting with this release, we also distribute codesigned and notarized MacOS binaries. This is required by Apple to be able to run a Mac application without going through much hassle.”


The createspend command now allows you to not provide any destination. In this case it will create a send-to-self transaction containing a single change output.”Overall there is a new layout and color scheme. The “draft transactions” menu was renamed to the more common “PSBTs”.The homepage now features a list of payments, instead of transactions.The spend transaction creation process is now contained in a single screen. It allows you to easily create a send-to-self transaction by not specifying any recipient.The homepage will now feature an approximation of the remaining time before the first recovery path becomes available.The homepage now features a button to refresh all coins whose recovery path is available (or close to be), if there is any.Entries in the coins list now features a button to refresh a coin (create a send-to-self transaction in order to restart the timelock).You can now generate multiple receive addresses in a row.We now display the alias of signing devices (if any) in the final installer step.


Send-to-self transactions are now displayed as such instead of being affected a “0.00000BTC” value.The installer will not present a step to register the descriptor on the signing device if there isn’t any.Some wording improvements all around.The slider to configure timelocks in the installer now has a step of 144 (instead of 1).

Notable contributions

Shout out to @jp1ac4 for steadily contributing bug fixes and cool new features throughout this release!

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