Joinmarket v0.9.7 Released

This is a notable reworking of the tumbler algorithm, mostly motivated by finding an error which was causing failures for people that tried to use more than the default number of mixdepths (0-4). The tumbler is now able to work with the standard 5 mixdepths, even if you want to tumble through more mixdepths than that. Also “restarting” is now the same as starting; it will operate based on whatever mixdepths are funded, there is no “starting mixdepth”.Disallowing utxos with unconfirmed spends. This fix is a bit technical but very important. The TLDR is that it should remove a common issue of makers sending spent utxos to takers as candidates for coinjoins, which affected some users.New script to calculate fidelity bond values intended to help users make more informed choices about fidelity bonds. It gives data on the value of the bond dependent on locktime and amount, and optionally can compare with existing bonds in the orderbook (using a json export of the latter).New display of ‘available’ balance.

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