EttaWallet: Open Source Non-Custodial Lightning Wallet

“The Bitcoin Design Community created a reference design for a non-custodial daily spending lightning wallet which planted the seed of an idea that germinated and blossomed into EttaWallet.””EttaWallet is written in Typescript and built with React Native for Android and iOS. All the components from the Design Guide have been reduced into a strongly-typed UI library (etta-ui) that is fully customisable and anybody can use it on their own projects.””EttaWallet is 100% reproducible and anybody can run it on their own infrastructure. The wallet takes advantage of Lightning Dev Kit (LDK) to setup a mobile node on the user’s device.”Here’s what you can do with it now:

– Scan and decode BOLT 11 invoices.
– Decode and pay BOLT 11 invoices, lightning address, node URIs.
– Generate BOLT 11 invoices.
– Open new channels for Just-In-Time liquidity with an LSP.
– Aggregate transaction activity by period.
– Local backups for channels, transactions.
– Cloud backups for iCloud and GDrive.Current limitations:

– Ships in testnet for now.
– Translations are outdated.
– Accessibility features are outdated for most components.

GitHub Repo
Full Announcement / Archive

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