Brink Receives $50K From BitMEX, Fundraiser with Marathon Nears $800K

“We are pleased to announce we’ve made a US$50,000 donation to Brink, a non-profit organization that exists to strengthen the Bitcoin protocol and network through fundamental research and development,” BitMEX wrote in a blog post.“Brink is excited to partner with BitMEX, one of the early pioneers of Bitcoin open source developer grants, on our developer funding initiatives,” Brink’s Executive Director Mike Schmidt said.”In the past four years BitMEX has awarded close to US$2 million in funding to support open source Bitcoin development.”Meanwhile, a fundraiser by Brink and Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), in which they have partnered to raise $1M for Bitcoin developers, is nearing $800,000 mark.Marathon has agreed to match all donations up to $500,000.The fundraiser will run until December 31, 2023.

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