Bluewallet v6.4.1: BIP-47

“New massive release submitted to the stores…””With lndhub sunsetting and bip47 being introduced…”

BIP-47 is an improvement proposal for reusable payment codes for hierarchical deterministic wallets.

“Payment codes are SPV-friendly alternatives to DarkWallet-style stealth addresses which provide useful features such as positively identifying senders to recipients and automatically providing for transaction refunds.””Payment codes can be publicly advertised and associated with a real-life identity without causing a loss of financial privacy.””Compared to stealth addresses, payment codes require less blockchain data storage.”

What’s New

ADD: Bitstamp support for iOS widgets and watchOS.ADD: CoinGecko.ADD: JA language app store files.ADD: LKR Fiat.ADD: Search currency.ADD: Use performance improving props for large lists.ADD: performance measure button on settings/about screen.ADD: missing accessibility labels (#5390).ADD: Use “Polski” for Polish Language Polski is singular, Polskie is plural.DEL: Remove outdated code for unsupported macOS.FIX: Balance changes were not saved.FIX: Cleanup the menu when the view is navigating away.FIX: If a watch isnt paired, dont bother syncing.FIX: Only attempt refetch is walletID changed.FIX: Typos and remove default URLFIX: allow deletion of borked wallets (closes #5228).FIX: bip47 related crash on wallet/detailsFIX: error when scanning some bip21 uris (closes #4931)FIX: import ms from Nunchuck (closes #5228)FIX: priority fee will be always at least 2 sat/ vb to beat other 1 sat/vb transactions in the mempool (closes #4902)FIX: switch exchange rate from coindesk to coingeckoFIX: add bip47 addresses to the hashmapFIX: add horizontal padding to pay success screenFIX: restore the gap-limitFIX:Satisfy PayjoinClient wallet param PayjoinClient requires named opts.wallet, we passed opts.payJoinWalletREF: Use own TCP ClientREF: speedup app startupREF: change CLP price provider Use Yadio instead of coindesk for correct Chilean Peso market priceFEAT: get payment codes and tx historyFEAT: payment code button and screenFEAT: save BIP47 toggle valueFEAT: show bip47 switch

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