Block 792688: Important News of the Week

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New Spiral Grantee: Amiti UttarwarBlack Market for Worldcoin Credentials Pops Up in ChinaLead Developer of GrapheneOS Steps Down, Citing ‘Recent Swatting Attacks’Bali To Crack Down On Using Bitcoin For PaymentsBiden’s 30% Tax on Bitcoin Mining Appears Dead Under Debt Ceiling DealSwan Changes Custodians, Promises Multisig Cold Storage For Clients In Coming MonthsBitMEX Renews Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin Developer GrantPyPI Is Working To Minimize Stored User Data Following DOJ SubpoenaTexas Anti Bitcoin Mining Bill Failed To Become Law While Miners Got A New Tax IncentiveEuropean Central Bank Releases CBDC ResearchTether Invests in Energy Production and Sustainable Bitcoin Mining in UruguayBlixt Wallet and Tesnet App Suspended and Then Reinstated Back to Google Play StoreBorder Searches of Cell Phones Require a Warrant, Rules US Federal Judge in a Historic DecisionEU’s Proposed Cyber Resilience Act Raises Concerns for Open Source and Cybersecurity

Updates and releases

Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.4: Whirlpool For iOSAmethyst v0.52.2: Sensitive Content (NIP-36)Samourai Dojo v1.20.0: Dojo Tracker OptimizationsThunderHub v0.13.19 ReleasedAgora Social: New Smart SearchAlby Wallet Webhooks for Developers & ZapSplitterAdvanced Nostr SearchFountain v0.7.0: New Podcast Library, Performance Upgrades & Live (beta)Nunchuk Desktop v1.9.19: Inheritance ClaimingAgoraDesk App v1.1.4 ReleasedRoboSats v0.5.1-alpha: CLN, Reworked Lnproxy, Exact Amounts & MoreRide The Lightning v0.14.0-beta ReleasedScaling Lightning: Testing Toolkit for the Lightning NetworkUmbrel Introduces Prebuilt Home Server, Specifically Engineered For umbrelOSStack Duo v1.0.7 ReleasedNostur v1.0.44: App Store ReleaseLnscribe: Backup Lightning Channel State with InscriptionsWavlake: Value for Value Music with LightningElectrum v4.4.4: Minor BugfixesJoltz: Bitcoin Rewards as a ServiceThe Bitcoin Legacy Project: Explore Bitcoin HistorynsecBunker: Nostr Keys DelegationBTCPay Server v1.10.0: Formbuilder UI, Custom Roles, Lurking Wife ModeTor v0.4.8.1-alpha: Onion Service Proof-of-WorkBTC Warp: Light Node Syncing with zkSNARKsWalletano: Easy To Use Lightning Web WalletMutiny Node v0.3.6: NWC, Performance FixesNix Bitcoin v0.0.92: Removed Spark Wallet, Deprecated CLBOSSArti v1.1.5: Onion Services, RPC, and a Security PatchFull-RBF Peering Bitcoin Core v25.0 ReleasedGitern: A SSH-based Multitenant Git Host by k00b Has Been Open SourcedSnort v0.1.9: Trending Posts, New DM Styles & MoreZaps Are Now Live on Primal

Research and guides

A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Modifying Open Source ProjectsA Collection of Resources Related to CovenantsLightning Payments: When Are They Too Small To Secure?Bitcoin Optech #253: Managed Joinpool ProtocolScaling & Anonymizing Bitcoin at Layer 1 with Client-side Validation

Mining news

Per, Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusted upwards by 3.4% and reached a new all time high of 51.23T.Bitcoin simple 7-day moving average hashrate is currently hovering around its new highs at ~368 EH/s.

Lightning news

Total Lightning Network capacity has lost approximately 17 BTC last week, reaching 5385 BTC. The total node count has slightly increased, while the channel count has decline by approximately 0.6% or more than 300 channels, per

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