Block 790600: Important News of the Week

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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin & Lightning for Corporations 2023 Sessions Available OnlineFake Trezor Wallets Designed to Steal Bitcoin Spotted in the WildDOJ’s Head Of Crypto Promises A Crackdown On Exchanges, Mixers, Tumblers and ScamsFold Expands to El Salvador as Base for Latin American OperationsLedger Launches Distributed, KYC-Based, Cloud Seed Recovery Service Then Quickly Deletes ItUS Senators Reintroduce Accountability for Cryptocurrency in El Salvador ActRiver Raises $35M Series B Funding Round Led By Kingsway CapitalBlock’s Bitkey Will Not Require Customers to Hold Onto Seed Phrases, Will Not Have A ScreenEU Council Signs On MiCA Regulation, New Reporting Requirements on Crypto AssetsStart9 Launches Community Tech Program Paying $21/Hr for Customer SupportTether To Invest Up To 15% Of Monthly Operating Profits In BitcoinBitcoin 2023 Industry Day: Livestream, Agenda, NotesAzteco Raises $6M In A Seed Funding Round Led By Jack DorseyLightspark Unveils Wallet SDK, New Partnerships with Compliance, Surveillance FirmsBrink Partners with Marathon Digital Holdings to Raise $1M For Bitcoin Core DevelopmentFATF Pushes Pakistan To Ban Bitcoin, Urges G7 to Enact Stricter Financial SurveillanceIBEX Mercado Partners with Grupo Salinas To Integrate Lightning Payments In Its ProductsSpiral Adds, Renews Developer Grants, Counts At Least 6000 Developers Building with LDKBitcoin 2023 General Assembly Day 1: Livestream & AgendaMempool.Space Announces Transaction Acceleration MarketplaceStrike Goes Global, Expands to 65 Countries to Reach 3 Billion PeopleBitcoin 2023 General Assembly Day 2: Livestream & Agenda

Releases and updates

Tor Browser v12.0.6: Bug Fixes, Security UpdatesNostream v1.23.0 ReleasedSnort v0.1.8: Wallet Connect, Trending Notes & MoreNutminer: Proof-of-Work Based Cashu FaucetWhirpool Surge Rounds: If Mining Fee Is Higher Than Needed Additional Remixers May Be Addedlibsecp256k1 v0.3.2 ReleasedZEBEDEE Opens Its API, SDK & API Dev PlaygroundNostr App Manager: Discover Nostr AppsPlebstr Now Available on App Store and Google PlayBitcoin Tribe v2.1.7: Backups with Bitcoin KeeperKeet v1.2.1: Faster Rendering of Chat MessagesStorm: Protocol Suite For Decentralized Storage and MessagingMyNode v0.3.17 ReleasedTaproot Assets v0.2: Taro RebrandedMutiny Node v0.3.3: Mainnet TouchupsSphinx Relay v2.3.2 ReleasedBitcoin Optech #251: Testing HTLC EndorsementEnvoy Wallet v1.1.3: Standalone Wallet Functionality, Magic BackupsGrapheneOS v2023051600 Released: Contact ScopesStack Duo v1.0.6: Redone Themes, Custom Block ExplorersNostrrr: Simple Nostr Relay ExplorerAmethyst v0.50.4: Reaction Watch & Other ImprovementsLightning Terminal v0.10.0-alpha: Taproot Assets DaemonBitcoin Core v24.1 & v23.2 ReleasedWasabi Nostr: Find WabiSabi Coordinators Over NostrMicroBT Releases New Line of Whatsminer M50 SeriesBitResolve: Bitcoin-Native Dispute Resolution for FOSS BountiesBlockstream Green Desktop v1.2.0: Improved StabilityEttaWallet: Open Source Non-Custodial Lightning WalletCore Lightning Umbrel App Gets A Major FaceliftTBD Launches Initial Web5 SDK For Decentralized ApplicationsLNbits v0.10.7 Released


Countries Where Internet Access Has Been Restricted At Least OnceBitcoin, CTV Covenants, and The Enigma NetworkProposal For A New Mempool DesignScreens Are Not a Panacea: Server as a Screen

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusted upwards by 3.22% and reached a new all-time high of 49,55T. on May 19.The average 7-day moving average hashrate reached ~355 EH/s, per network fees remain elevated but were relatively stable last week. Currently, ~40 – 60 sat/vB should be sufficient to get your transaction confirmed within the next few blocks.

Lightning stats

The Lightning Network capacity has went down by approximately 70 BTC in last 7 days, along with more than 1600 channels. There are 10 more nodes on the network, per

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