Block 762594: Weekly Digest

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Full Timeline on FTX Collapse, Will Be Constantly UpdatedElectrs v0.9.10: Updated Dependencies and Bug FixesCashApp Sold $1.76B Worth of Bitcoin to Users During Q3 2022: Down 3% Year Over YearTor Project Releases Annual Financial StatementsBitMEX Renews Gleb Naumenko’s Bitcoin Developer GrantUS Gov Announces Seizure of 50676.17 Bitcoin That Was Stolen From Silk RoadPrices Slump Amid FTX Solvency Concerns: Binance Goes For Kill ShotBinance Announces Intent to Buy FTX After Exposing Solvency IssuesBitcoin Optech #225BitMEX Provides Snapshot Update to Bitcoin Proof of Reserves & Proof of Liabilities: 75742.4 Bitcoin in CustodyBinance Announces They Will Not Acquire FTX

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