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The Guatemalan Lake Town Mining Bitcoin With Used Cooking OilBitcoin Mining Hosting Provider Compute North Has Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in a Federal CourtHelp People in Iran Reconnect to Signal – a Request to Our Community: Run a Signal ProxyCore Lightning v0.12.1: A Few Bug Fixes and Build ImprovementsGuide: Circumventing Tor Censorship in Iran and ElsewhereBitmatrix Releases Mainnet Beta Bringing Uniswap Functionality to LiquidResearch: Spatial Analysis of Global Bitcoin MiningDetails Released on FBI Raid that Resulted in $86M Worth of Property Seized from 1400 Safe Deposit Boxes in Beverly HillsAustralian Internet Provider ‘Optus’ Exposed Customer Data via API: Includes 4.2M Users’ Passport and Driver’s License NumbersBTCPay Server v1.6.11: Update POS App Through API, Adds Mempool.Space as Default Block Explorer, and MoreBitcoin Non-Profit Brink is Now Funding 11 Bitcoin, Lightning Developers in TotalStrike Raises $80m in New Funding Led by Ten31Bitcoin Policy Institute: Why the U.S. Should Reject Central Bank Digital CurrenciesHoseki Announces $25K Donation to Bitcoin Policy Institute for Transparency and Proof of Reserves ResearchBitcoin Optech #219Blockstream Jade v0.1.38: Adds CompactSeedQRsElectrum v4.3.2: Hardened build script for MacOS, Better Reproducibility, and MoreBitcoin Exchange ‘Bitnob’ Launches in Kenya: Includes Integration With the M-Pesa Network Enabling 50m Users to Easily Send and Receive via Lightning From Their PhonesInitial Code Release for Taro Protocol: Building the (Tap)Root of the World’s Financial Network with BitcoinMatrix Chat Vulnerabilities Disclosed: Upgrade now to address E2EE vulnerabilities in matrix-js-sdk, matrix-ios-sdk and matrix-android-sdk2Swan Acquires Specter, Maintainers of the Open Source Software and Hardware Wallets of the Same Name: Launches Specter Labs‘When Taproot’ Launches to Encourage More Adoption Across EcosystemCloudflare Announces Turnstile: a user-friendly, privacy-preserving free alternative to CAPTCHAMichael Bazzell’s Fourth Edition ‘Unredacted Magazine’ Includes a Bitcoin Privacy Section by ErgoBTCBlock’s Decentralized Exchange Protocol Team ‘TBD’ Partners with CircleSamourai Wallet v0.99.98f: New Collaborative Transaction UI, Auth47 Integration, and More

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