BitMEX Renews Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

BitMEX has extended Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin developer grant until May 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant. This is the third consecutive time BitMEX has provided Rene a grant and BitMEX continues to support his work for the long term.Commenting on the grant, Rene said:While studying the game theory and price of anarchy of selfish behaviour of nodes who wish to make a payment I discovered the markov model to estimate the expected liquidity distribution in payment channels with drain. This led to the discovery of control valves which routing nodes can use for better flow control to improve the reliability. This is a great example of how research needs freedom and time to discover connections between various aspects to make substantial progress. I am grateful and happy that BitMEX has been and continues to be supportive and understands the importance of independent research to improve the Lightning Network Protocol.

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