Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.51: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

“There’s a new Bitkit update available! This release fixes multiple bugs and improves the app’s performance.””Bitkit is fully open-source and built up in the open, so anyone can audit and contribute. You can dive deep into the details and other updates on GitHub.”

What’s new

“You can now manage your tags so that your transactions are always properly categorized.””Now, you’ll know when you need more funds to set up a Lightning connection successfully.””We’ve redesigned the screens showing the process of setting up instant payments.””You can find your Lightning connections’ reserve balances on Settings → Advanced. To make it more visible, now it’s also indicated under your spending balance beside a purple lock icon.””As of this update, you’ll see a message when an unconfirmed payment sent to you gets replaced.”

Release notes

Metadata saved for LN transactions.Fixes and refactoring in send flow.Improved auto read clipboard UX.Added wallet wipe feature.Lightning balances displayed.Transaction state reset implemented.Error handling for generating addresses.Error displayed if unable to afford channel.Receive tags saved on ReceiveDetails screen.Payment data processing improvement.Activity confirmTimestamp and filter updates.ActivityDetail UI updated.QRCode sharing on iOS enabled.Profile link form moved to bottom-sheet.Fallback blocktank peers added.Fixed callback parsing bug in @synonymdev/react-native-lnurl.Handled “channel closed” error for SlashtagsAuthClient.authz.Fixed crash when closing bottom-sheet with keyboard open.Temporarily hid delete contact button.Fixed widgets gesture issues.Tag manager added.Updated LN onboarding flow.Reorgs and RBFs detection.Added eslint rules for promises and fixed errors.Removed unused wallet store fields.Renamed send transaction types & functions.Reanimated library upgraded.Updated e2e workflow.Updated react-native-ldk and dev dependencies.Fixed styled-components types.Updated added.Disabled toasts in e2e tests.Fixed lnurl test.Added optional .json to LDK logs.

Bug Fixes

Save metadata for LN transactions by @limpbrains in #1043Fixes & refactoring in send flow by @pwltr in #1046Improve auto read clipboard UX by @pwltr in #1048#937 wipe wallet by @pwltr in #1055#987 lightning balances by @pwltr in #1052Reset transaction state by @pwltr in #1056Update getNetworkContent by @coreyphillips in #1057Do not eat errors inside generateAddresses func by @limpbrains in #1059Show error if unable to afford channel by @pwltr in #1058Save receive tags on ReceiveDetails screen by @limpbrains in #1062Only process payment data by @pwltr in #1064Activity confirmTimestamp & filter updates by @pwltr in #1065Update ActivityDetail UI by @pwltr in #1079QRCode share on iOS by @limpbrains in #1083Move profile link form to bottom-sheet by @pwltr in #1080Add fallback blocktank peers by @coreyphillips in #1094Upgrade @synonymdev/react-native-lnurl to fix callback parsing bug by @limpbrains in #1090Handle SlashtagsAuthClient.authz “channel closed” error correctly by @limpbrains in #1091Crash when clsoing bottom-sheet with keyboard open by @pwltr in #1097Temp hide delete contact button by @Jasonvdb in #1098Widgets gesture issues by @pwltr in #1093

New Features

Add tag manager by @pwltr in #1013Update LN onboarding flow by @pwltr in #1036Jest ldk mock by @limpbrains in #1061Detect Reorgs And RBFs by @coreyphillips in #1081


Add eslint rules for promises, fix ensuing errors by @pwltr in #1040Remove unused wallet store fields by @pwltr in #1045Rename send transaction types & functions by @pwltr in #1049


Upgrade Reanimated Library by @coreyphillips in #1039Update e2e workflow by @pwltr in #1041Updated react-native-ldk by @Jasonvdb in #1054Update dev dependencies by @limpbrains in #1082Upgrade react-native-ldk to 0.0.96 by @coreyphillips in #1086Fix styled-components types by @pwltr in #1092


Update by @JWBurgers in #1066


Buildcache by @limpbrains in #1047Disable toasts in e2e tests by @pwltr in #1060Fix lnurl test by @limpbrains in #1096


(optionally) add .json to LDK logs by @pwltr in #1037

Full Changelog: v1.0.0-beta46…v1.0.0-beta.51

“If you have any feedback or feature requests, join our Discord and Telegram communities and let our team know!”

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