Bitcoin Fundamentals Strengthen As Recession Looms – ARK Report

“A boost in transaction count and active owners signaled strong network activity and a bullish market.””Long-term-holder spent output price ratio (SOPR) surpassed 1, suggesting the market is trading at a profit.””Bitcoin’s 200-week moving average ($25,900) and realized price ($19,950) remain strong support levels for bitcoin.””The US Leading Economic Index (LEI) fell for the twelfth straight month, signaling the high probability of a recession.””1-month T-bill inversion with the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) may indicate impending rate cuts or investor concerns over the debt ceiling.””Continuing jobless claims continued to increase, a trend historically associated with recessions.””US economic indicators—including the Conference Board Leading Economic Index, T-bill inversions, and unemployment insurance claims—suggest that a recession is looming.”

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