Bcademy, Boltz, Equitas, JAN3, Maven and Mifiel Join The Liquid Federation

“The new additions expand the total number of Federation members to 67, which includes major exchanges, Bitcoin infrastructure companies, and wallet providers, among others.””As the Liquid Federation matures, our members continue to become more diverse and dispersed globally, with members and their unique contributions also opening up exciting new opportunities for users,” was stated in a blog post.”For parties interested in leveraging Liquid’s benefits into their business, such as transacting with faster, more confidential bitcoin, integrating Lightning with Liquid, or issuing digital assets and securities, we recommend contacting us on Telegram or the Build On L2 platform.””If you are interested in learning how to become a member of the Liquid Federation, read more about membership here, and leave a comment or reach out through the email listed.”A list with all Liquid Federation members can be found here.

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