Bitcoin & lightning are rapidly changing the world.

We provide consultation in embracing Bitcoin and lightning technologies through architecture, design, development, security and strategy for your specific business requirements.

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Expert advice for embracing lightning functionality or to integrate decentralised consensus systems in your operations.


We build military grade cold storage management for clients while minimizing attack vectors and maintaining reasonable usability.


Based on your specific requirements and situation we design the architecture and framework that fits your business model.

Design & development

We help you define and achieve strategy, design and branding whilst keeping smooth user experiences fixed on the radar.

“We are dedicated to teach and implement bitcoin technology for individuals and businesses.
Bitsaga is here for non-tech people who’ve barely heard about Bitcoin and want to learn more, there’s something to learn for everyone.
Bitsaga is here for small businesses who don’t like 7% transaction fees from Paypal or for high-volume businesses who don’t like the multi-week settlement time from Visa. Bitsaga’s payment gateway offers great efficiency improvements for all.”

– Rob, founder & CEO


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