10 reasons to buy bitcoin

1) There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin

That’s less than half of the amount of millionaires in the world: 46.8 million.

2) Bitcoin can not be controlled by a single authority

No politician or banker can stop it or change anything about Bitcoin. It’s free and open to all.

3) The money in your bank account is rapidly losing value

This graph shows the purchasing power of the USD, or how much you can buy using the same amount of money over time.

purchasing power

Source: Statista

4) Diversify your wealth

Diversifying your money is investment lesson number 1: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

5) Large companies are exploring Bitcoin

Companies like Tesla, Paypal and Visa; banks like JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs; Pension funds like MassMutual and the largest investment firm the world: BlackRock are just a few examples.

6) Bitcoin is growing faster than the internet

Compared to the growth rate of the internet, it is like we are in 1997. 

Source: Remi Tetot.

7) Bitcoin was the best performing asset of the decade

At an average return of more than 200% per year Bitcoin did better than stocks, bonds, gold and real estate. Source: Charlie Belillo

8) The Bitcoin price is predictable over the long term

The famous stock-to-flow model by investor and analyst PlanB has been predicting the price like clockwork since the beginning. Next target: $288k by 2024.  Read the full article here.

stock 2 flow

source: lookintobitcoin

9) You can start with as little as €100

No need to buy a full Bitcoin, you should start small.

10) We can guide you along the way

We help people and companies easily embrace Bitcoin into their lives and businesses.

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